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Welcome to my digital alcove!

I’m here to unravel my journey through the enchanting realms of IT, seasoned with a sprinkle of procurement wisdom and project management insights. From my early dreams of intertwining my fate with computers I’ve navigated through a myriad of roles, each step further entwining me with the evolving tapestry of technology.


A glimpse into my past:

As a youngster, declaring my ambition to work with computers prompted a rather narrow view of my potential career path. I was informed, “Well there are only two jobs related to computers: comptometer operator and programmer.” I was told that I was too intelligent to be a comptometer operator and not intelligent enough to be a programmer! Despite this, I scraped through my A Levels. I found myself as an Assistant Scientific Officer at the MOD, a role that curiously blended gas flow experiments on my Mini, dabbling in photography, and mastering a metal work lathe—adventures far from my official duties!

My academic journey then took me through science teacher training, coupled with youth work, leading to a brief stint teaching in East London. Yet, it was the shift to Youth Work in 1980, and further education in community work from Oxford University, that paved the path to my true calling. A tax rebate in 1982 allowed me to purchase a BBC Model B computer, marking the start of my long-awaited dive into the IT realm.


School library with rows of computers on desks, bookshelves with colorful book covers, and a modern interior design featuring a two-story layout with balconies.
Server room racks filled with multiple servers and a mounted monitor with keyboard in a school's IT infrastructure.

Fast forward to 1985, my career veered towards community education, where my passion for IT found its purpose. I spearheaded the creation of a computer-based learning centre, capitalizing on the burgeoning need for Windows 3.1 training. This led to the birth of a commercial IT training centre, born out of a desire for a more liberating professional environment.

My journey didn’t stop there. I embraced a role as a government advisor for the Academies program, overseeing the IT specifications and procurement for 41 new schools, each project valued at around £1M. My contributions continued with advisory roles for Academy Trusts, focusing on new school builds and IT integration.

The pandemic era highlighted my role in deploying 8000 laptops for students, showcasing my commitment to IT in education. Today, my passion for IT remains undiminished, with a penchant for hosting my own systems.

Join me here as I document and share insights from my adventures in IT and beyond, celebrating a journey that’s anything but ordinary!

So why the nom de plume Rye Roxley? Well around 2008 I was dabbling with Second Life and I needed a name. Surprisingly Smith was taken! After much research, I found Rye which has the meaning “messenger” and Roxley which relates to “Legend”. So together “legendary messenger” not bad and appropriate to my roles and website!

Rye Roxley is a trading name of Computers@Home Ltd

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